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Save Your Eyes.

The Original Feather-Weight™ Blue Light Protection. 

Say Goodbye to Work Headaches.

As a 100% female-owned & operated company, we believe in empowering women through clear vision. No more chunky, heavy frames or harsh tints; you deserve savvy styles, clear-lens technology & ultra-light designs. Together, we can become healthier, happier #LadyBosses!

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our loved ones! Shop unisex and kids frames, too.

Say Goodbye.

No More Headaches, Eye-Fatigue, or Insomnia. It's time to #LadyBoss.

10 Hours a Day.

Studies Show Women Spend 10+ Hours Staring at a Screen Every Day. How About You?

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what #LadyBosses are saying:

I've noticed a BIG difference since wearing my @ladybossglasses while on my phone or computer, and even while watching TV. I would get tension headaches from straining my eyes, but these glasses have helped so much and are cute, too!


Goodbye itchy, burning, red, squinty, irritated eyes; hello refreshed eyes! So glad I found @ladybossglasses to protect against the computer, phone, and just about everything else!


They are fashionable, comfortable, and NOT nerdy!! Did you know these smokin' glasses can help prevent wrinkles around the eyes too? BOOM!! Blocking the harmful blue light from your eyes never looked so good.

I LOVE my @ladybossglasses! In six months, my insomnia episodes have dwindled and my daytime eye-strains have lessened, too. Those bad boys led to headache, but NOT ANYMORE!


Instagram born & bred. @ladybossglasses.

Have Kids?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that children spend an average of 6 hours per day staring at screens.

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