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Here at LADYBOSS GLASSES, we use Intelligent Filter Technology (IFT) to protect your eyes. IFT is the highest quality filtering on the market, blocking and purifying the light that emits from your screens. We guarantee you'll see improved sleep, improved cognitive functioning at work, and less of that "drained" feeling after spending long hours at a computer. 

What is Blue light?

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Dr. Michael Tolentino, Vitreo Retinol Surgeon 

The impact of naturally occurring Blue Light has been overlooked for many years; however with increased exposure to artificial Blue Light from high energy efficient light sources including fluorescent lighting and LED screens (e.g. computer screens, tablets, smart-phones and televisions), medical scientists are recognizing Blue Light can have profoundly negative effects on human health.

For the visual system, there is no redeeming value to Blue Light as it damages the eye and the retina through photo-oxidation and accelerates macular degeneration. The short term implications on vision may include digital eye strain, while long term chronic exposure can impact central vision.

While unfiltered Blue Light can have detrimental consequences for vision, it also affects the Retino-Hypothalamic tract which regulates human physiological (i.e. circadian, endocrine and neurobehavioral) functions. Very few of us understand that we need to protect against intense Blue Light during the daytime and any Blue Light during evening hours. The ability of night time Blue Light to disrupt our circadian pattern can lead directly to sleep deprivation and indirectly it may be related to cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, diabetes, and obesity.