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Monks Family Children's Hope Organisation (MFCHO) is an orphanage with 130 children in the Bugiri district of Eastern Uganda.
In 2017, MFCHO was founded by a group of local young people with a vision of creating an enabling environment for their community. 'The best way to solve a local social challenge is to have a locally unique solution' is the driving factor and motivation that set these young people into starting the organization, centered on the support of children, the elderly, the disabled, and the sick.
The organization looks towards mobilizing local resources within their communities to help those in dire need, starting with food, medicine, shelter, education/scholastic materials, and social/psychological support. All of this is done to uplift the lives of the people, bring the community together in support of one another, and, ultimately, instill an understanding of the inherent value in presonhood.
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Farming Initiative
There are 4 acres of land for rent adjacent to the orphanage. The plot is just $450 for the entire year. They would plant and harvest peanuts twice annually. The project would both teach the children vital skills for life after the orphanage and, of course, bring more food to eat!
Elderly Support
Here, they bring food, supplies and medical support to the elderly every two weeks.
Healthcare is a vital need at the orphanage. Many children have died from sickness and disease. So the means to essential medicine, doctor visits, and hospital access is of critical importance.

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